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News of Holy Russia 03.10.2016. Results of elections to State Duma of Russian Federation and Moscow regional Duma.

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Authorities of the Russian Federation declared successful end of elections to State Duma of Russian Federation and Moscow regional Duma where the constitutional majority was provided with party in power Edinaya (Uniform) Russia. However, we deal with total falsification of elections to all branches of legislature on September 18, 2016. We do not recognize results of elections to the Russian Federation and we recommend authorities of all countries of the world to boycott any contacts to illegal legislature of the Russian Federation.

Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has taken part in elections to legislative assemblies of the Russian Federation of two levels – in the State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation and the Moscow regional Duma on constituencies Sergievo-Posadsky No. 125 and No. 21 accordingly. Prof. Valeriy Kubarev participated in elections, both as the one-mandatory candidate, and as the candidate from the Russian ecological Green party under party lists, therefore selective process managed to be seen completely from inside.

In the beginning of year the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and his main ideologist from Administration of President Vyacheslav Volodin have declared, that in 2016 pure and competitive elections when advantage will be received by those candidates and parties who will offer interesting programs and new ways of development of Russia will be lead. In practice their assurances appeared pure lie when a priority only those parties and candidates who eulogized person Vladimir Putin and acts of Edinaya Russia possessed. All others have been written down by authority in enemies of Russia without the right on personal opinion, criticism and civil freedom. Executive authority at active participation of the selective commissions of all levels, since the Central Electoral Committee under the direction of Ella Pamfilova, have created total pressure upon voters, and also criminal frauds with falsification of results of the voting directed on prolongation of authority of an irresponsible and corruption party Edinaya Russia and Putin’s adherents.

Infringements of pre-election campaign have begun long before elections and have proceeded during these. Pro Putin parties of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Fair Russia have placed on the Moscow area more than hundred stationary boards, with illegal political advertising. Prof. Valeriy Kubarev has written Complaints to the Electoral Commission of the Moscow region, the District electoral commission of districts No. 125 and No. 21, and also in the Central Electoral Committee from 08.08.2016. Propaganda has been recognized illegal and boards have been demounted, however these parties have not been discharged of elections for infringements of laws of the Russian Federation. The link to the Complaint: http://www.kubarev.ru/en/content/452.htm

Chairman of the Central Electoral Committee Ella Pamfilova publicly declared that use of an administrative resource during elections is inadmissible. Prof. Valery Kubarev made the Complaint in Electoral Commission of the Moscow region and the Central Electoral Committee about illegal advertising on local TV of the candidate from the party in power – Sergey Pahomov who in combination was the Chapter of Sergiev-Posadsky region. It has managed completely to occupy local channels of TV with the reporting in which the positive image of the official was created, care about local residents. Thus it has not left in the put holiday for conducting propaganda, and continued to work at the post. Prior to the beginning of propaganda about Sergey Pahomov there were reporting on local TV – one or two times month, duration of 2-3 minutes broadcasting time. However, with the beginning of political propaganda Sergey Pahomov became the hero of several tens reporting and interview, duration at tens hour of broadcasting time. Cost of translation of these reporting on Sergey Pahomov made millions rubles.

In reply to the Complaint of the Central Electoral Committee stores silence till now, and Electoral Commission of the Moscow region has declared, that use the of service position by Sergey Pahomov’s during elections does not contradict the legislation.

Prof. Valeriy Kubarev during conducting propaganda has found out the leaflets, calling to vote for Sergey Pahomov, his colleagues let out due to means across Edinaya Russia is Sergey Kerselyan from Korolev city. The general circulation of leaflets is 60 thousand pieces. Leaflets were distributed by propagandists of party Edinaya Russia. Laws of the Russian Federation are strictly forbid similar acts. The data on the opened facts of infringement of the legislation (infringement has criminal character) have been directed in Domestic Electoral Commission of constituency Sergievo-Posadsky, Electoral Commission of the Moscow region and the Central Electoral Committee. In the answer the letter has been received, that the information is directed to the Department of Internal Affairs for studying. Has passed month, at elections candidates – criminals have won, and the authority keep silence.

At last, there has come day of voting 18.09.2016. It was marked by the next mass infringements of the Russian legislation, when "roundabouts" (voting of same people on different polling districts), mass throw in bulletins on party Edinaya Russia and its candidates were used by directly members of the selective commissions when on sites it was poorly populated. Prof. Valeriy Kubarev has written the next Complaint in which has published video recording of falsification of voting results on the local commission No.1053 in Korolev city.

The link to the specified Complaints: http://www.kubarev.ru/en/content/476.htm

After publication of data by Electoral Commission of the Moscow region about results of elections in the Moscow region, Prof. Valeriy Kubarev has studied figures and has revealed mass falsifications of results of voting, both in the constituency Sergievo-Posadsky, and on all Moscow region. In the Moscow area the bulletins stolen for the benefit of party Edinaya Russia, have made hundred thousand voices or as whole from 5 % up to 11 % from total of voters. In Electoral Commission of the Moscow region the next Complaint from 21.09.2016 on which and the answer has not been received has been directed. The link to the Complaint and the materials of opening falsifications: http://www.kubarev.ru/en/content/475.htm

It is interesting, that District electoral commission Sergievo-Posadsky of constituency (No. 125 and No. 21), under Oleg Anatolyevich Filatov's presidency, has not answered even one Complaint of the candidate Prof. Valeriy Kubarev!!!

Results of voting across all Russia, officially published Central Electoral Committees, also have been investigated by known mathematician Dr. Sergey Shpilkin who long years investigates frauds of authority with voices of voters at elections to the Russian Federation. Dr. Sergey Shpilkin again has found out mass manipulations and falsification of national base will from 18.09.2016. Below we result the summary table of distribution of voting for parties on time of voting. On the diagram it is visible, that at real attendant voters as whole on the country of 37 % it was is artificial is increased up to 47 % by throw in nonexistent voices of voters per lot of Edinaya Russia in last hours before the termination of voting. As result of frauds party Edinaya Russia has typed 54 % of "voices" of voters.

Besides Prof. Valery Kubarev has lead the powerful pre-election company in constituency Sergievo-Posadsky on propaganda for the nominee and the Russian ecological Green party. Tens young active voluntaries of Green party participated it. Have been printed and distributed 150 thousand leaflets and 2000 color posters with propaganda for Prof. Valeriy Kubarev and Green party are stuck. The number of leaflets has been comparable to quantity of propaganda material of party Edinaya Russia. 90 thousand leaflets two times have been delivered to all inhabitants (on all letter boxes) area Sergievo-Posadsky. Besides tens pickets and meetings with voters in places of mass congestion of people have been lead.

Three times (once a week) are published propaganda materials in weekly newspapers of cities Sergiev Posad, Pushkino and Korolev, the general circulations on 12 thousand pieces that has made for all period of propaganda of 108 thousand newspapers.

Besides in area Sergievo-Posadsky on local TV two weeks left propaganda rollers, duration for 12 seconds. 15 times they were on air in local news at 19 and 22 hours. On Pushkin’s TV the same rollers left in ether two weeks of 180 times!

Therefore practically all inhabitants of region could familiarize with the biography, the program and propaganda of the candidate of Prof. Valeriy Kubarev. Anybody from competitors in constituency Sergievo-Posadsky has not given pre-election campaign so much material resources and efforts.

In result, according to the official data on voting, the “honorable” 9 place (penultimate) has got to Prof. Valeriy Kubarev. For him "have voted" only 1.5 % of voters, the same result at the Russian ecological Green party. Surprisingly, but similar results were received by all candidates from Green party which at all were not engaged in propaganda, on all Moscow region. Such parity of results is simply impossible in civilized democratic society. Reciprocal social reaction of society is directly proportional to the enclosed efforts.

Opponents can declare, that Prof. Valeriy Kubarev and Green party is simple are interesting to nobody. However we deal with usual falsification of results of voting when the bulletins given for Valeriy Kubarev, have been included to candidates from the party in power – to Sergey Pahomov and Sergey Dvoinyh (on 125 and 21 districts). In Russia bulletins are simply shifted in other "pack" with S. Pahomov and S. Dvoinyh's surnames without any shifts. The same history has happened to the bulletins given for the Russian ecological Green party, which have got in an active of party Uniform Russia. Thus, authorities of the Russian Federation have put personally to Prof. Valeriy Kubarev and his donors significant material and mental cruelty. On all country Putin and his adherents have meaningly caused huge losses to all participants of elections 2016, naturally, except for the parties in power directly financed from the budget of the Russian Federation. They simply could not win against thieves' system when the government of the Russian Federation undertakes all dodges and infringements of laws that in legislative assemblies their "representatives" have got only.

It is interesting that any oppositional candidate has not got in State Duma of the Russian Federation though they there worked in the last convocation, and also in legislative assemblies of local level in all regions of Russian Federations. Continuous failure is for opposition only?

On the basis of the resulted numerous facts of infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation about elections, we can declare responsibly, that Putin’s authority at direct participation of management of the Electoral commissions of all levels, Edinaya (Uniform) Russia and its satellites is the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Fair Russia has made mass falsifications of will of the Russian people, the authorities directed on preservation Putin’s parties. All these acts, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, are subject to criminal punishment. However judicial system of the Russian Federation completely controlled by the President Vladimir Putin who personally appoints to the post of all judges. Therefore it is not necessary to expect objective consideration of claims about cancellation of results of elections of deputies of State Duma of Russian Federation of seventh convocation and the Moscow regional Duma, and also legislative assemblies of other regions.

The Russian Federation under the direction of President Vladimir Putin and parties Uniform Russia have reached outstanding results – they have created the largest criminal state in the world, when all branches of the state are in hands of swindlers and thieves. This record never will be beat by other countries.

Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev and the Russian ecological Green party address to all civilized world community with an appeal to boycott any contacts to representatives of State Duma of the Russian Federation and Moscow regional Duma on behalf of elected deputies and deputy commissions created from them. Cooperation with them would mean recognition of criminals and swindlers equal in rights members of the democratic world community.


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Holy Russia, Nova Church of Holy Russia, Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, Fund of Princes and Grand Prince of All Russia Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev from the bottom of the heart congratulate Christians and all citizens Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

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